So Boring

March 21, 2007 at 6:38 am (sociology 3390)

So this weeks reading is all about video games.  Well, let me tell you, as a female I pretty much wanted to run as far away from this topic as I could possibly get as soon as I found out that this is what we were to talk about.  Then, I started doing my readings for this class, and lets just say I am definatlly out of the loop with the whole technology and video gaming “society” that goes on. 

First of all I’d just like to say that video games has never been of any remote interest for me, therefore, it was extremely dificult to even motivate myself to do these readings.  However, I have finally gotten around to them and lets just say I wish I hadn’t.  The first thing I noticed was that in the reading by Lars Konzack he divides everything up into layers.  And I must say that the first 4 layers are most definatly way over my head.  I didn’t understand the fancy “lingo” he was using or the terms, even when difined made no sense.  Infact, there is even a part of his article where he says something along the lines of “but of course you knew that” and as I read this I thought actually No i am so so sooo lost!  It was not until we got to the actual game play aspects that I could some what relate to the meanings and feelings that game players experience when gaming.  However, the first 4 layers were dealing with the technology and the inner system while the last layers dealt with the external aspects of gaming. 

One thing I really liked was how the author talked about how games run in two ways either as action packed or arcade setting where everything is the same except for the fact that you can change the scenery, or narrative where a story is being told and you must go through the motions in which the story tells you too.  I found this very interesting because I never thought about how simplistic that idea actually was.  Most games are made as the action packed or arcade setting type games. 

Reading this article made me realize that video gamers almost have their own society in which no one understands but them.  They have these terms that everyone within the gaming community understands fully and can react accordingly however, for an outsider hearing these words or even the way in which the program works with in the gaming device sounds like a foreign language.



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